LOCGame Weekly Update, April 8th

Hi Legends!

It’s a pleasure to have you once again and share all the progress we’ve been making. We are moving ever closer to our lofty goals and reaching new important milestones. This would’ve been impossible without your constant support — For that, we’re grateful!

This week was a big one for our partnerships, game development, publicity, tokenomics, and much more. Get comfortable, this is going to be a satisfying ride!


  1. New website and Marketplace
  2. DeFi Day
  3. AMA with infinity force
  4. New communities
  5. New Updated Roadmap
  6. New Team Member
  7. $LOCG pumps again!

New Website & Marketplace

We are set to premiere new & improved versions of our official website and marketplace towards the end of this month. These platforms will offer new experiences and upgrades that are designed to help you make the most of the LOCGame ecosystem.

Alongside the new changes, we’re set to run an exciting campaign for card owners that will run on the website. Here’s what it’ll look like 😉:

Be sure to look forward to it!

Defi Day Appearance!

Our CEO, Mik Mironov was present at a DeFi Day Session organized by BNP Paribas Exane. He was joined by Robby Yung, the CEO of Animoca Brands, and Nicolas Langlet, an analyst at BNP Paribas Exane. Here’s a clip of the conversation here!

LOCGame X Infinity Force AMA

Sam Welch, the Co-Founder of Infinity Force, and Mik Mironov, our CEO were on hand to host an AMA session that sought to bring more clarity to the partnership between both companies.

We first announced our partnership with infinity force last month, garnering lots of enthusiasm from both our communities. In the near future, we intend to take our collaboration a couple of notches further. Watch out!

We have a new community!!

We recently ran a poll with the aim of knowing which regions and demographics of the world needed specialized communities. Turns out there are a lot of them! 😁

While we decide on the next regional community to introduce, we’re glad to introduce our special community for Russian Speakers all around the world! 🌍

In the same vein, here’s a list of our live, authentic around the world:









Check out our updated roadmap!

Remember when we announced tweaks to our roadmap?

Well, these updates are now live on our official website for your convenience. Here’s the roadmap!

We have a new Content Marketing Manager!

Legends, Let’s welcome Rosemarlines to the LOCGame Family!

Rosemarlines is a remarkable storyteller. For over 6 years, she has worked across various brands in different industries as a Product Marketer, and currently has her eyes set on the Web 3.0 space. In her off time, she enjoys a good beer and Karaoke. 💃

She’s set to handle social media, email marketing, and content for RB Labs, our parent company.

$LOCG Keeps Pumping!!! 🤑

This week, our native $LOCG token reached its highest point in 3 months, ending what was a bearish run during the 1st quarter. As our community keeps growing, and we keep executing on our roadmap, we expect more bullish runs in Q2! 💰

As always, we stay amongst the big winners!


Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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