LOCGame Weekly Update: September 23rd

3 min readSep 23, 2022

Hello, Legends!

Another week has come and gone, and honestly, it feels as though the month of September has been in a bit of a hurry. Wasn’t it only yesterday that we were gearing up for it, and now, we are already wrapping things up and are in such high spirits?

For us at LOCGame, this was especially a great week, and yeah, we are patting ourselves on the back. Not only did we get to finally check off so much great stuff that we’ve been working on for a while now, but we are also thrilled that some of them are finally out there for you to share. What are those, you may be wondering?

Come find out!


  • Game updates
  • Metaverse updates
  • New Crypto Rebel website
  • They talk about LOCG

Let’s dive in!

Game updates

A little throwback on the LOCGame shows just how much improvement has been achieved. We still can’t get over this new look and feel. We hope this rewards your patience and support as a community for our project.

This week, our game dev team doubled down on the progress so far and has achieved the following major changes;

  • Rating progress change animation after arena battle;
  • Avatars implemented
  • Damage hint and card moving VFX
  • Rating Leagues icons
  • Card rarity effects if the battle
  • Story Mode Tutorial
  • Metamask authorization errors validation
  • VFX corrections in battle
  • Localization and font fixes
  • Login flow fixes
  • In-game packs purchase and opening fixes
  • UI minor corrections and fixes
  • A lot of other bugfixes and improvements

These updates are coming live to your screen soon!

Metaverse Updates

These days, all we ever seem to talk about is our upcoming metaverse project — Cryptise City- for good reasons. We are excited to have a world that is uniquely ours and to build it as we want, even better is that we get to do it with you as our community. We are excited for this project, for our characters to come alive and for the many more exciting games to come.

We’re getting closer to unveiling the new Cryptise website where you will finally get the chance to explore all the information about the city, its districts and everything in between. Please watch out for that.

PS: A sneak peek of life on the Dark Synth Drive.

New Crypto Rebel website

Finally, it’s here!

After months on the grind, our sister brand, Crypto Rebel is glad to announce that its new website has just gone live.

Crypto Rebel is a Crypto media and events publication company, and a leading source of information about cryptocurrencies, wealth creation and financial freedom. They curate the biggest and most insightful crypto stories through the Rebel Research, Rebel NFT News and Rebel Digest newsletters. The new website will also feature Rebel Learn articles — a new series of educational articles around crypto, Web3, NFTs and so much more. Be sure to visit the new website and subscribe to the newsletters.

What’s for fun?

No, this week we didn’t go cruising in the streets, but we sure hung out with a Billionaire who has a unique way of knowing his coin prices, and this Legend who has mastered the art of FOMO.

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That’s all for this week, Legends.

Be sure to check in next Friday.

Have an amazing weekend.




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