It’s official — cryptocurrency has practically gone mainstream in 2021, with popular influencers, news channels, and celebrities across the board promoting the next generation of technology that many doubted for years. And from cryptocurrency’s growing popularity, one area, in particular, has shined and surged above many of the others.


Hello Legends!

It’s Friday again, and this week has been absolutely mind-blowing for LOCGame and RBL Labs. Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and relax as we showcase some of our biggest weekly milestones. Tssss….the best staking pool ever is incoming (keep on reading).

As you already know, every Friday…

GameFi industry pioneers partner to reshape the NFT gaming landscape

Dear NFT gaming supporters!

We’re super excited to present you with our new partner, GameStation Venture Capital (Game Guild Venture), who has gracefully committed $150k as an investment into LOCG’s in-game NFTs across 2021–2022.

Moreover, both companies agreed that RBL Labs BV, LOCG’s (LegendsOfCrypto) parent company. will host several public…

Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quite transparent in nature to the blockchain’s public and immutable ledger, there will always be an element of curiosity when it comes to crypto’s origins.

Bitcoin was first introduced and created in January 2009, forever changing the way we collect, store, and transact through…

Hi legends — what a busy week it’s been at RBL Labs. It’s Friday again and we have so much exciting news to share. Take a break from whatever you’re doing, grab a drink appropriate for the time of the day, and enjoy what we have in store!

Starting today…

Hello legends!

Have you already met our Dev team? If you haven’t, don’t miss the Medium article from yesterday to learn more about the fabulous 5 at RBL Labs.

One week has passed since our Major Update article, where we covered all LOCGame product development, including the new website and…

Weekly NFT updates from LegendsofCrypto(LOCGame)!


  • Headline News
  • Highest 7-Day Sales
  • Top 5 Projects to Consider for Investment Portfolio
  • Top NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplace selling ‘fantasy equity’ shuts down one day into open beta testing

Visionrare, a startup that wanted to create the fantasy football version of NFT venture funding has officially shutdown just one day after open beta testing. …

Especially in the crypto and blockchain industry, people who make up a project are what really drive the overall passion and enthusiasm to build great products and services. After all, what’s a project without its team?

Here at LOCGame, we’re extremely proud of our strong development team, as they help…


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Game Dev. Progress, Core Tech Team, Website, and Roadmap
  • LOCGame Partners with Terra Virtua to Launch a New Art Foundation that Empowers NFT Artists
  • LOCGAME Spotlight Series: NFT Artist
  • NFT Digest

MAJOR UPDATE: Game Dev. Progress, Core Tech Team, Website, and Roadmap

If you’ve been following the recent buzz in the media surrounding crypto this year, then you’ve most certainly seen the craze revolving around NFTs. We’ve developed the LOCGame to maximize their application and bring a unique twist to the universe of digital artwork.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re continuing to roll…


New NFT Game & Collectible

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