LOCGame Weekly Update, July 22nd 2022

4 min readJul 22, 2022

Hello Legends!

It’s been a fascinating week filled with developments that will ease you into the weekend joyfully. As always, the LOCGame team is committed towards moving closer to our medium and longer term goals. Given that we’re approaching the end of the first month of Q3, we can’t wait to share the progress we’ve made!

We have exciting news on the game development and marketing fronts, as well as some fascinating battles you’d love to watch. Strap on your seatbelts, it’s about to be one hell of a ride!


  • Game Development Updates
  • Our Exclusive $LOCG Staking Program
  • The New Cryptise City Website
  • End of our Tube-To-Earn Campaign
  • Win big in our ongoing Gleam Campaigns!
  • They talk about the LOCGame

Game Development Updates

Our rockstar development team has been relentlessly building out the game to deliver the most awesome experience possible. At the moment, the game is set to feature:

  • PVP Battle Tutorials,
  • Battle hints,
  • Story Mode Tutorials,
  • A visual update of the game’s map, and
  • Development of the Arena Mode.

Here’s a glimpse of what hints could look like during battle:

Our Exclusive $LOCG Staking Program

If you’re somehow unaware, our exclusive $LOCG staking program is still up and running and will end soon. You only have 2 more days to Stake $LOCG, Earn & Win Exclusive NFTs!

Here’s a refresher on the details of the entire program: https://locgame.medium.com/were-launching-the-season-0-staking-pool-dfb7d740a462

Also, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Buy, Stake or Transfer your $LOCG: https://locgame.medium.com/a-guide-to-staking-in-the-season-0-locg-staking-program-8ca19de1a4ab

Don’t miss out on the staking pool where you can earn up to 188% APR in 888 hours (37 days) of staking $LOCG and also stand the chance to be one the lucky winners of Apollo Edition NFT cards!

This program is set to end on the 24th July of july at 15:00 UTC!

Hurry up & start staking now!

The New Cryptise City Website

This week, we launched the official website for Cryptise City, in the heart of the Metaverse!

Visit to learn all about the exciting opportunities, design, available land, and key features of this burgeoning metaverse!

Log on to www.cryptise.io now! 🔮

The End of our Tube-To-Earn Campaign

Our tube-to-earn campaign has now officially come to a close!

The campaign was launched to give anyone the chance to earn limitless revenue by simply playing LegendsOfCrypto and sharing footage of their gaming sessions. Now, the winners of this campaign will get to receive their piece of the total prize pool! 🤑

Next week, the winners of this campaign will receive an email with the txhash of reward distribution!

Look forward to it!

Win big in our ongoing Gleam Campaigns!

The Ground Zero: The Offical LOCGame Soundtrack Giveaway

Be one of 3 lucky winners of Apollo NFT Packs when you listen and interact with our official season 0 soundtrack on Spotify.

Listen to Ground Zero, the official Season 0 album now: https://fanlink.to/locgameseason0

Enter to win now: https://gleam.io/L1D20/listen-to-ground-zero-official-soundtrack-on-spotify

The Rebel Digest Giveaway

Our sister brand, Crypto Rebel is giving away $486 worth of prizes to readers of Rebel Digest!

Visit www.cryptorebel.io, and follow all the steps in the campaign for a chance to win a Trezor Model 1, Trezor Model T or a Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch.

Enter to win now: https://subscribe-refer-win.kickoffpages.com/

As always, they talk about the LOCGame everywhere 😎



Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




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